We are currently taking enquiries for puppies, Our next available litter will be in 2024.

We ask that you do not email, facebook message or text us asking to be placed on a waiting list as we do not keep a waiting list. Our normal process involves you visiting our home, meeting us and our dogs and together we discuss and decide on what type of puppy is best suited to your family. This all happens before we plan a litter.  

Please have a read of our Process of finding a home

Whilst we do breed puppies we only breed when we are looking for something for ourselves. Please be patient if you intend to buy a puppy from our kennel.

Check us out on facebook as well 

Our puppies come from lines that include Conformation Champions, Tracking Champions, Obedience, Rally O’, Agility and Herding titled dogs. They are raised in a home environment with plenty of handling and socialisation.

Our dogs are raised on a mixture of premium dog food and raw meat/vegetables.

All pups sold will be Microchipped, Vaccinated, Eye Tested and Dogs Victoria registered.
Puppies sold for Conformation will be sold on joint ownership.

  All new owners will be required to sign a contract of terms and conditions for purchase of a puppy. If you intend on breeding please do not contact us, we do not sell puppies for breeding purposes. 

We only breed from sound temperaments and complete all heath testing that is available. New owners are encouraged to visit our kennel prior to deciding to take an Eliteview puppy to discuss the new addition to your family.

We do not keep a waiting list unless you are looking for a performance puppy. 

If you email us please be patient as there is often a large number of emails to get through.

We recommend only buying from “Approved Breeders” of the Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria, these are listed on the club website (www.australianshepherd.org.au)

We recommend the following breeders if you are looking for a puppy
Ellagant Kennels
Blueamble Kennels
Goneaway Kennels
Rozate Kennels

Make sure the Breeder you buy from allows you to visit their home and meet their dogs.
We also suggest the breeder…

1. Offers a Health Guarantee
2. DNA tests the Sire & Dam for:
*Collie Eye Anomaly *Hereditary Cataracts & *MDR1
3. Eye tests the litter at 6-8 weeks of age with a registered Opthamologist
4. Eye tests the Sire & Dam within 12 months of the pups birth
5. Hip Scores both Sire & Dam
6. Supplies a copy of all health details
6. Verifies the NBT status on the pups Pedigree papers

Dogs Victoria Membership: 3100004330
Please contact Dogs VIC on email: office@dogsvictoria.org.au to verify my membership.


Breeding for Beauty, Intelligence and Versatility